Lower Body Guide
By. Jillian Frein

Lower Body Guide

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I designed my *Lower Body Training Guide (alongside my Upper Body Training Guide) to help introduce my body into weight training. This training guide will help you...

  • Build muscle.
  • Develop power and strength at home.
  • Tone and shape your body using dumbbell weights.
  • Increase your muscular endurance and aerobic fitness.
  • Improve your posture, balance, and stability.
  • Create a mind-muscle connection.
  • Maintain a healthy training routine.

This training guide will take you 12 weeks to complete and is sectioned into 3 unique training phases. Each phase will take you 4 weeks to complete...*Within the training guide you will have access to video gifs demonstrating how to do each exercise correctly, and step by step descriptions explaining proper exercise form and technique.

  • You will need dumbbells (5lbs-10lbs-15lbs range), and a bench or chair.
  • You will do 2 workouts a week.
  • Workouts will take you 35-40 minutes to complete. 
  • Target fat stored on your lower back, legs, thighs, glutes, and hips.
  • Pairs with my *Upper Body Training Guide.

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