Back and Biceps Guide
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Back and Biceps Guide

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The primary goal of this guide is to develop muscular endurance and strength in the back and bicep muscles using dumbbell weights. This guide will help you burn fat and build muscle which will ultimately help tighten and tone your physique, and improve your posture.

Primary Muscle Focus:

  • Back
  • Biceps
  • 12 weeks fitness guide.
  • You will do 2 workouts a week.
  • Workouts will take you 35 minutes to do.
  • You will need access to dumbbells, and a bench, or chair.
  • You will follow short exercise videos (like the videos you see on my Instagram.)
  • You will read exercise descriptions.

Training Tips:

  • This guide can be reused.
  • Pairs with my 12 Week Glute Guide.