Smoothie 101

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You're what you eat or in this case you're what you drink. Smoothie 101 is a dairy-free and gluten-free recipe guide. Enjoy a collection of my favorite protein smoothies, beauty smoothies, and iced shakes that can be prepared in minutes! Protein Smoothies: These smoothies will treat your taste buds and your muscles. Enjoy post-workout to help tone and build lean muscle, or fix as a decadent dessert. Beauty Smoothies: Taste the glow, feel the glow, be the glow. Your skin is a reflection of what you eat and drink. I eliminated fruits that cause acne and created a collection of beauty smoothies using fruits and vegetables that promote clear, healthy, and hydrated skin. Iced Shakes: Ice, ice, baby! Start your day with a light iced shake to jump-start your system.