November Workout Challenge

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The November challenge starts Thursday 11/1/18 and ends Friday 11/30/18.

This workout challenge is suitable for all fitness levels. *Please pick your appropriate fitness level before adding the challenge to your cart. HIIT workouts will vary based on fitness level.

New to HIIT + daily workouts - Beginner

Familiar with HIIT + workout regularly - Advanced

Workout Details: HIIT, short for high intensity interval training is a form of training that alternates short periods of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods. HIIT exercise has several health benefits. With regular training you'll lose weight, build muscle, boost your metabolism, and even burn calories up to 2 hours post workout. One of the reasons I love HIIT is because workouts tend to be shorter and therefore easier to fit into a busy schedule.

All challenge workouts are 30 minutes and can be completed at home or at the gym. You do not need to own any gym equipment to participate in the November workout challenge. 

Challenge Delivery: Five challenge workouts will be sent directly to your email every Sunday. There will be 22 different challenge workouts throughout the month of November. Challenge workouts are to be completed Monday-Friday. Of course, feel free to tailor the November workout challenge in a way that compliments your day to day schedule.