Glute Gym Guide coming 11.15.19
Glute Gym Guide coming 11.15.19
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Full Body Home Workout Guide
Full Body Home Workout Guide
By. Jillian Frein

Full Body Home Workout Guide

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The main goal with this workout guide is to:

  • Build a strong fitness foundation using your bodyweight only.
  • Burn full body fat and tone your body.
  • Inspire mental motivation for lifestyle fitness.
  • Inspire body confidence.
  • This workout guide is sectioned into three different training phases.
  • Each phase will take four weeks to complete.
  • Phase 1: weeks 1-4 + phase 2: weeks 5-8 + phase 3: weeks 9-12.
  • Complete each phase in order.
  • Each training phase offers a different combination of workouts to do.
  • You can purchase each phase separately or bundle them together at checkout.


  • You will do six workouts each week.
  • Two lower body workouts + two upper body workouts + two core workouts.
  • You will rest one day each week. 
  • Workouts will take 30(ish) minutes to complete. It depends on your current fitness level.
  • The workout guide is easy to follow and straight forward.
  • There are how-to descriptions explaining the proper form and technique for each exercise and there are also videos available to watch. YOU DO NOT NEED WI-FI for the videos to work. 

This guide is suitable for all fitness levels! I recommend this guide for anyone that is wanting to:

  • Start their fitness journey!
  • Get back into shape!
  • Needs fitness accountability, inspiration and motivation.
  • Loves to workout at home!
  • Wants to build, maintain and grow body confidence.
  • Is striving to lose weight.

Final note:

Hey girl, it's me Jillian. I just want to say, thank you for stopping by and considering me as your trainer. I work exceptionally hard to create all of my training programs. I spend months doing beneficial research to make my programs authentic and top notch. I also complete each workout guide and document my personal training progress prior to releasing to the public. I'm very passionate about my work and what I create. I know that this guide will add positive value to your life. If you have any further questions please reach out. I'm here to guide you to your best life. Let's get it!